کیت کنترل برقی شیر گازی 12 ولت

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Good adaptive character and wide application
1. This product, manufactured specially for working with the gas alarm, is applicable to variety of gas alarms.
2. Three three-dimensional adjustable brackets and large torque enable the manipulator to be adaptive to new or old gas ball valves with different sizes such as 1/2 inch,3/4 inch and 1 inch, etc.
3. This product is also applicable to automatic control of other gas or fluid valves.
4. This product is applicable to the ducting gas ball valve without modification to the configuration of the gas ductwork (new or old). Installation and maintenance of this product needn’t gas company help.
5. This product is equipped with a special ball valve for automatic control of bottled gas.
6. This product is equipped with a gas ball valve that has hose connectors at both ends, for automatic control of gas pipeline.
Absolute safety and convenient use
7. DC 12V, 24V safety voltage with insulation, seal and flame retardation, anti-electromagnetic interference, and no-spark design.
8. In case of gas leak alarm, this product cut off the gas automatically with rapidness and reliability.
9. This product is driven both electrically and manually, enabling the automatic opening & closing of the valve by the manipulator or manual control of the valve during power off or maintenance to make sure safety.
10. This product provides convenient use and long product life.
11. Compact construction and nice appearance



Technical Details


1 Operation environment

Temperature: -10℃~+50℃

Humidity: <95%

2 Rated voltage: DC 12V

Operating voltage: DC 6V~18V

3 Rated current: 100mA

Operating current: 20mA~1000mA

4 Rated power: 1.2W

Operating power: 0.24W~10W

5   Valve pressure: 1.6Mpa

6   Valve specifications: 1/2inch,3/4inch, 1 inch, 1.25 inch, 1.5 inch

7 Close time: 5~10 seconds

Open time: 5~10 seconds


9 Insulation resistance: >20MΩ

10 Withstand voltage: DC600V

11 Anti-electromagnetic-interference, no-spark design.

12 With auto-manual shift clutch.

13 Net weight: Type A 360g,   Type B 596g,     Type C 588g

Gross weight: Type A 395g,   Type B 638g,     Type C 630g

14 Dimensions:  Type A 100mm× 90mm ×70mm

Type B 130mm× 95mm ×70mm

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