سنسور پی هاش E-201-C-9 به همراه الکترود PH Sensor

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E-201-C-9 composite electrode / PH electrode / PHS-25/PHS-3C pH meter

range :0-14PH
Zero-Bit: 7 ± 0.5PH (25 ℃)
Alkali error: 0.2PH (25 ℃)
Ramp rate: ≥ 98.5% (25 ℃)
Internal resistance: ≤ 250MΩ (25 ℃)
Response time: ≤ 1 分钟
Operating temperature :0-60 ℃
Then plug: Q9
Product Weight: 145g
Product Features: Rechargeable, molded

The electrode is a glass electrode and a reference electrode that combines non-filled molded composite electrodes PH meter measuring element is a measure of the hydrogen ion activity in aqueous solution (PH value).
It is used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, dye industry, and research needs to detect the cause of the pH

Use and Precautions

1 electrode set the initial use or for a long time without re-use, the electrode bulb and sand core, immersed in the solution 3NKCL activation eight hours.
2 electrode plugs should be kept clean and dry.
3 external reference electrode solution as 3NKCL solution.
4 Avoid measuring solution interleaving pollution. So as not to affect the measurement accuracy.
5. Electrode bulb or contaminated sand core PTS will decrease response slows down. So, it should be based on the nature of pollutants to the appropriate cleaning solution, the electrode performance recovery.
6 The electrode should avoid long-term immersion in acidic fluoride solution.
7 electrodes used, should be set in the ceramic sand core processing liquid rubber band on the mouth away to make salt bridge solution to maintain a certain flow rate.

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