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1. HR202 is a new kind of humidity-sensitive resistor made from organic macromolecule materials, it can be used in occasions like: hospitals, storage, workshop, textile industry, tobaccos, pharmaceutical field, meteorology, etc.

2. Features:
Excellent linearity, low power consumption, wide measurement range, quick response, anti-pollution, high stability, high performance-price ratio.

3. Technical Specification:
Operating range: humidity(20-95%RH) temperature(0-60Celsius)
Power supply: 1.5V AC(Max sine)
Operating frequency: 500Hz-2kHz
Rated power: 0.2mW(Max sine)
Central value: 31kΩ(at 25Celsius, 1kHz ,1V AC, 60%RH)
Impedance range: 19.8-50.2kΩ (at 25Celsius, 1kHz ,1V AC, 60%RH)
Accuracy: +-5%RH
Hysteresis: +-1%RH
Long-term stability: +-1%RH/year
Response time: <10s
Dimensions: with case 12*15*5mm, without case 8*10*0.7mm

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