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CMOS, 125 MHz

Complete DDS Synthesizer

Precision Very Low Noise
Low Input Bias Current
Operational Amplifiers
Low Noise: 3nV/ÖHz
Wide Bandwidth: 10MHz
Low Input Bias Current: 10nA max.
Low Offset Voltage: 75 mV max.
High open loop gain: 135dB
Low Supply Current: 3 mA/Amp
Dual supply operation: ±5V to ±15V
Unity Gain Stable
No Phase Reversal
PLL filters
Sensors and Controls
Professional quality audio
The AD8671, AD8672 and AD8674 are precision
single, dual and quad amplifiers featuring very low
noise, very low offset voltage and drift, low input bias
current, 10Mhz bandwidth and low power
consumption. Outputs are stable with capacitive loads
of over 100pF. Supply current is less than 3 mA per
amplifier at 30V.
Applications for these amplifiers include high quality
PLL filters, instrumentation–thermocouple, RTD,
strain-bridge and other sensor signal conditioning–
precision filters and professional quality audio.
The AD8671, AD8672 and AD8674 are specified
over the extended industrial (-40° to +125°C)
temperature range. The AD8671, single, is available
in the 8-lead MSOP and 8-lead SOIC packages.
The AD8672, dual, is available in the 8-lead MSOP
and 8-lead SOIC packages. The AD8674, quad, is

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