MY1016 250W 24V DC Motor

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24 volt 350W output ,electric scooter and bike motor. Comes with an 11-tooth, #25 chain sprocket as well as a 4-bolt mounting bracket on the base.
This motor is capable of rotation in either the clockwise or counter clockwise direction by just reversing the battery polarity to the motor and can be speed controlled.
If you want to speed control these, please take a look at our available speed controllers
Model MY1016 motor by Unite Motor Co., Ltd.

Model MY 1016
Standard 200W 24V/36V 250W 24V/36V 300W 24V/36V 350W 24V/36V
No-load currency/A ≤1.5/1.0 ≤1.6/1.2 ≤1.8/1.4 ≤2.0/1.4
No-load rate speed /rpm 3300 3350 3400 3450
Rating Torque/N·m 0.70 0.90 1.04 1.22
Rating speed /rpm 2700 2750 2750 2750
Rating currency/A ≤10.6/7.1 ≤13.4/8.9 ≤16.0/10.7 ≤18.7/12.5
Efficiency/% ≥76 ≥78 ≥78 ≥78
Use Electric Scooter / Small Scooter

This chart shows the available models, though we may not bring in all of them.

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