متر دیجیتال آلتراسونیک مجهز به پوینتر لیزری

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Easy and convenient to use.
It is a perfect tool to quickly know the distance, area and volume of a room.
100% Brand new, high quality.

Power: 1*9V
Unit of measurement: Feet or Meters
Accuracy: 0.5%+1 digit (2 to 60ft)
Visible laser: 650nm
Working Frequency: 40kHz
Working Temperature: 32℉to 109.4℉(0℃ to 43℃)
Distance meter:2 to 60 ft (0.50 to 18.288m)

Don’t stare into the laser beam and also don’t shoot laser beam to any other’s eyes.
Class II laser product Output < 1 mw.
Corresponding label is affixed on the back of the unit.

Package Includes:
1 * Ultrasonic Distance Measurer
1 * Instruction manual

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