ماژول کوره القایی ZVS دارای محدوده ولتاژ ورودی 5v تا 12v

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Induction heating is a process which is used to bond, harden or soften metals or other conductive materials. For many modern manufacturing processes, induction heating offers an attractive combination of speed, consistency, and control.
An induction furnace is an electrical furnace in which the heat is applied by induction heating of metal. Induction furnace capacities range from less than one kilogram to one hundred tonnes and are used to melt iron and steel, copper, aluminum, and precious metals.
The advantage of the induction furnace is a clean, energy-efficient and well-controllable melting process compared to most other means of metal melting.
An induction furnace consists of a nonconductive crucible holding the charge of metal to be melted, surrounded by a coil of copper wire. A powerful alternating current flows through the wire. The coil creates a rapidly reversing magnetic field that penetrates the metal. The magnetic field induces eddy currents, circular electric currents, inside the metal, by electromagnetic induction.
The efficiency of an induction heating system for a specific application depends on several factors: the characteristics of the part itself, the design of the inductor, the capacity of the power supply, and the amount of temperature change required for the application.
Zero Voltage Switching means that the power to the load (heater or cooler or other devices) is switched on or off only when the output voltage is zero volts.
Zero Voltage Switching can extend the life of a controller and of the load being controlled.
Controllers with Zero Voltage Switching use Triac instead of mechanical relays, and, in fact, all of our temperature controllers which use a Triac are inherently Zero Voltage Switching.
ZCS operates with constant on-time control, while ZVS operates with constant off-time control. With a wide input and load range, both techniques have to operate with a wide switching frequency range, making it not easy to design resonant converters optimally.

Power Supply: 5 ~ 12V DC
Max. Power: 120W
Coil Size: Approx. 7.8 * 2.3 cm
Board Size: 5.5 * 4 * 2 cm

Package Inclde:
1 x Induction Heating Power Supply Module
1 x Heating Coil

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