روتاری انکودر نوری 360 درجه دو فاز

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Model: HN3806-AB
Pulse Number: 360
Power source: DC 8-24V
Shaft diameter: 6mm
Outer diameter : 38mm
Output: AB 2phase output rectangular orthogonal pulse circuit, the output for the NPN open collector output type
Maximum mechanical speed: 5000 R / min
Response frequency: 30KHz
Cable length: 2 meter

Is used to measure the rotational speed, Angle and acceleration of the object and the length measurement
Suitable for intelligent control of various displacement measurement, automatic fixed-length leather automatic guillotine machines, steel cut length control, civil measured height human scale, Students racing robots

Green = A phase, white = B phase, red = Vcc power +, black = V0

AB 2phase output must not be directly connected with VCC, otherwise, will burn the output triode, because different batches, and may not have the termina

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