دستگاه OSD سریال با دستورات بومی سازی شده

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This OSD is automatically recognized by the camera video system. But if you do not take the camera, you can have a solder joint on the back to choose no camera output when the standard. The default is N, the PAL is the PAL output
MinimOSD, is based on Arduino’s OSD. This is designed for flight control of the ArduPilot MEGA and MAVlink protocols
Its main component is an Arduino ATmega328 MCU and MAX7456 monochrome screen overlay chip. The programming is done via an FTDI compatible 6-pin connector
It features two independent power and ground sections that isolate the analog phase of the OSD function: a 5 V part of the ATMEGA and the digital phase of the OSD function, by supplying power to the FTDI cable or other 5 V source; and a regulator 5 V of the OSD function of the analog phase part through the video / output connector, can handle up to +12 V input power supply. Welding jumper, power and ground two parts together, if needed.

CRIUS MAVLink-OSD is fully compatible with 3DR MinimOSD hardware specifications, using cost-effective DC-DC regulators, not the old v0.1 comparable to other businesses. The official version of the original v0.1 use linear regulator, independent power supply when the input 12V will cause a very serious heat, parallel power supply can solve the heat problem, but it brings two other problems: increase the flight control power supply pressure and To signal noise.
The CRIUS MAVLink-OSD eliminates the single power supply mode selection jumper and runs completely in isolated dual supply mode.
The default firmware is official version 2.0, but we strongly recommend that you use the MinimOSD-Extra firmware for more powerful features.

Hardware features:
Size: 39mm × 19mm (excluding pin)
Weight: 6g (without connecting cable)

If you are using it alone, connect TX RX to APM
If it is attached to the use of digital transmission, the OSD TX definition does not connect directly to the RX can
If you want to modify the OSD parameters, please bring yourself or buy FTDI.

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